First of all, it is worth noting that Facebook Camera is a 1.0 version of the mobile fotoklienta, while Instagaram - the fruit of long and laborious work.It is not surprising that the Instagram interface much more carefully thought out, and is a masterpiece of minimalism.Thus, users of devices running iOS accustomed to the fact that, if you pull down the page - will update the thread.The Facebook Camera This action causes the opening album iPhoto.At the same time, the photos in a social networking are larger and supports the zoom option.There is no doubt that the next version of the client will gain more functionality - it's hard to imagine that, by becoming the owner of Instagram, the developers of the Facebook team will not take advantage of the popular operating time servi

process of shooting in both programs is almost identical.Filters offered by applications, as almost identical.This supports Instagram hashtags, and an army of fans of this service is not always in solidarity with the millions of users of social networks.At the same time, it should be noted more flexible process configuration sharing photos provided by Facebook Camera.

Conventionally, Instagram can be compared with Twitter, because the images are displayed only those people whom the user has selected, and Facebook Camera - with the very Facebook, becauseAll photos are available, included in the list of friends.According to Gizmodo witty observation may be several reasons to make a distant relative in the list of friends, but no one - to be forced to consider photos of his holiday spent at the cottage.

should take into account the opinion of several American experts believe that the main competitor of Facebook Camera is not Instagram, and Google+.The experience gained on the basis of service Picassa, allowed to create a very comfortable and functional hotel with photos and confrontation of social networking is not a secret.