you need
  • - MS Office Word.
Open text in which you need to delete any piece in any text editor, for example, in Microsoft Office Word.Place the cursor after the symbol that you want to delete, and press Backspace.At the same time the characters of the text file will be deleted one by one.
Move the cursor to the position prior signs , be removed.Press the delete key as many times until you've erased all the unnecessary characters from the text.
If you need to delete a few characters of consecutive use the selection is not the desired text in the editor with the left mouse button and press Delete or Backspace, there will be no difference in principle.For removal and subsequent insertion point, use the right-click menu "Cut", then move the cursor to the position where you w
ant to copy the text and click the right mouse button.Select "Paste".
If you need to remove from the text of a few characters that are not there, highlight it using the left mouse button on the first one, hold down the Ctrl, select the second, third and so on characters.Press Delete or Backspace, to follow up after the removal of use and the actions of "Cut" and "Paste".
If you want to remove any certain characters throughout the text, open it with the editor of Microsoft Office Word.Choose "Find" and there was a small window, enter the symbol, you need to remove.After the system will find the results, erase them.This is useful in cases where the text contains objectionable words and symbols to be deleted, and the amount of information is too large to perform the search manually.The same principle is replaced - select the action in Word, type the word you want to delete in the first line, and the second is that it must be replaced.