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If encryption of data on disk BitLocker is used in Windows 7, to disable it, use one of applets "Control Panel."Before you start it, insert a disc or connect a USB stick when it comes to disable encryption of any removable media.Then run the "Control Panel" by selecting the appropriate item in the main menu of the operating system, and go to the "System and Security".Find a link in a long list of "Drive Encryption BitLocker┬╗ and click on it with your mouse.
opened the window of the applet contains two sections divided by a list of computer storage media.The upper section refers to the hard disk, and the bottom has the subtitle of Bi
tLocker To Go, and includes a list of removable media.Icon disk in each line of the list marked with the word "On" or "Off", which indicates the use of encryption or not this support by using the BitLocker.
BitLocker To pause, click on the link "Pause Protection" in the line of the desired drive and confirm in the dialog box.For complete shutdown protection click on "Disable BitLocker┬╗, and then press the "Decrypt Disk" to make it possible to use the data after switching off the component.
If the data encryption used a special file system EFS, you need to disable it in the properties of a file or folder.To do this, run the file manager Windows - right click on the button "Start" and then click "Open explorer."
Navigate to the folder that contains the file you want and click the right mouse button.In the context menu, select "Properties", and when the window opens with the settings, click "Other".
New window "Additional attributes", remove the check box "Encrypt contents to secure" and click OK.In the file properties, too, click the button OK, and file encryption is disabled.