use to access files folder video_ts Explorer - regular file manager of the operating system Windows.To run it, you can, for example, right-click on the icon "My Computer" on the desktop and select the pop-up menu, the string "Explorer".
Go to this same folder video_ts and find among its contents for a file called video_ts.ifo.Click the right mouse button and on the shortcut menu, select "Open With."In the Run dialog, select the programs, find the list of applications the player you use to play the DVD-ROM drive, select it and click OK.That should be enough to start video playback.
If your chosen player could not p
lay in the folder video_ts film, it is quite possible that either it is not designed to work with the DVD-disks, or it does not have the decoder mpeg-2 andac3.To eliminate these problems, you can either install the relevant codecs, or replacement of a player on a more universal - for example, in The KMPleer.
can do without Explorer.Start the player, who has the option to work with the DVD-ROM drive and select it in the menu to open a file.For example, the player The KMPleer the item is placed in the section of "Open", called "Open File (s)" and duplicated hotkeys ctrl + o.In the File Open dialog, locate the folder and double-click video_ts video_ts.ifo - playback starts.If you want to view some parts of the movie, you can open files with the extension vob - their names are prefixed with vts are numbered and corresponding serial numbers of parts.For example - vts_01_0.vob, vts_01_1.vob etc.
third way to view files in the folder video_ts is recreating with the help of DVD-ROM.To do this, use a program recording DVD (for example, Nero Burning ROM).The result is a disc that can be viewed not only on the computer, but with the usual DVD-player.