you need
  • - Partition Manager;
  • - installation disk Windows.
first back up any important files to another hard disk partition.Note that all data stored on a desktop computer located on the system partition.Make sure that your local disk With no more important information.
Install Partition Manager.With its help you can clear the system partition before installation of Windows.Restart the computer and open the program PM.From the shortcut menu, select "mode for experienced users."
find a graphic representation of the desired local drive.Click the right mouse button.Select "Format".In the new window, select the file system in which to format the partition.
Enter the volume label, such as system, and click "Format".After returning to the main menu find the toolbar button
"Apply the pending changes."Click it and confirm the start of the process of removing data.
Restart the computer after the withdrawal of the corresponding window.Partition Manager utility will perform all necessary operations in the DOS-mode.
If you do not want to install the program to format the partition, simply insert the Windows installation disc into the drive and turn on the computer.Select download a DVD-drive.
following step by step the setup menu system.After the appearance of the list of available local drives, highlight one of them, which will be installed a new copy of Windows.Click "Format» (Windows Vista and 7) or press F (Windows XP).
After completion of the purification procedure selected partition proceed with the installation of the operating system.It should be noted that when working with Vista and Seven discs you can format any partition, even if the operating system will be installed on a local drive or another hard drive.