When working on the computer need to switch the input language appears quite often - for example, when searching for the right information on the Internet.Therefore, disable this option is not recommended.Moreover, it does not interfere with work comfortably in any chosen layout.
If you still decide to turn off the language, open the "Start" - "Control Panel" - "Regional and Language Options".Select the "Languages", click "Details".In the new window, click "Keyboard preferences" then "Change keyboard shortcuts" and uncheck the items "Switch the language" and "change layout".Save your changes by clicking OK.
In that case, if you want to remove from the system tray layout indicator, open the Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del), and stop the process ctfmon.exe.Then remove th
e record of that file from the Startup folder.The most convenient way to do this using Aida64 (Everest).Open the "Programs" - "Startup" and scroll to the ctfmon.exe and press the top of the "Delete" button.
To disable or remove ctfmon.exe you can also use the program CCleaner.Run it, click the "Tools" - "Startup".Select the line with ctfmon.exe and click "Disable" (recommended) or "Delete".
If you do not like the standard kind of switch keyboard layouts, replace it (after removal from the startup ctfmon.exe) utility Punto Switcher.You can set it to display layout showing the Russian flag or the flag of the USA, which is very convenient - to determine the layout enough glimpse of the tray.In the settings, select "Make a badge in the form of flags of countries" and "Always show icon on full brightness."Download Punto Switcher for Windows XP and Windows 7, you can link: