you need
  • - computer;
  • - Administrator rights.
Restart the PC, or turn it on.After the appearance of screen from the motherboard, press F8 key on your keyboard.Press several times, otherwise the risk to miss the right moment.Mode selection window appears to load the operating system.Select "Safe Mode" and confirm by pressing the ENTER button on the keyboard.This type of boot provides the minimum system parameters.
Wait until the system boots in the selected mode.It will take from 1 to 5 minutes, depending on the computer performance.You will see the login screen, where potential users are presented with a list of icons.Here in a column displays a list of all users with an account that come to this computer
Select a user named "Administrator" and click on it with your mouse.If the password for this account is set, it is easy to log in will fail.If no password is set, it will start loading the operating system.In safe mode, you have a slight disability.It should also be noted that they are often enough to perform various tasks.Wait until the operating system is fully load all parameters.
reset passwords in the operating system of the computer can be as the standard methods, and specialized software.Everything depends on the preparation of the user to carry the password.If you can not come under the recording administrator , take your computer to a specialized center, where in a few minutes you will solve this problem.Also worth noting is that the password cracking can be regarded as theft of information.In this regard, there may be problems with law enforcement.