you need
  • - a PC with an optical drive that supports recording DVD-ROM drive;- Internet access;- A program for DVD-burning;- Drive to clean the laser head;- Cleaning wipes for optical disks.
Note that in the package of regular software included with your operating system does not include a utility for DVD-burning.Taking advantage of network resources, download and install on your computer profile software to work with DVD-media.
Faced with problems during movie recording to a DVD-ROM, make sure your computer's optical drive is able to cope with this task.Look at the labels on the front of the drive, informing about the types of digital media, supported by the device.
Check is whether to record a movie you have prepared digital media and whether its marking inscriptions «DVD-R or DVD-RW».Remembe
r that the movie may not be recorded to a DVD-disc due to contamination of its optical surfaces.Gently clean the disc with a soft cloth, lightly wiping it from the center to the edges.
If the program generates an error when writing the movie to a DVD-drive, inspect the vehicle for any mechanical damage or manufacturing defects.Found on the surface scratches, cracks, chips or other flaws, refuse to use it in the drive and install high-quality analog.
movie may not be recorded to a DVD-carrier due to a faulty state of the optical drive, the power drop caused by pollution or its mechanisms.Clean the laser recording head with a special disc, acquiring it in any computer store.
If the procedure is laser cleaning the recording head does not bring you the desired result, contact the computer service center.Experts check the optical drive mechanism and give an opinion on its efficiency.In case of malfunction unrepairable, replace the drive.