Tip 1: How to start the game with the debug option

Usually debug the key used to start the program in debug mode, but sometimes it is used for running games in a mode that allows to use a variety of cheat codes.Start game with the same key in the Windows operating system can be at least three ways - they are described below.
If the game is started with a shortcut placed on the desktop, click the right mouse button and select "Properties" in the popup context menu.On the "Shortcut" in the window that will open as a result of this action, click the "Object".Then press the End, to move the cursor to the end of the line, type a space and type the desired key (-debug).Then click «OK» button to save the label, as amended, and run the game the usual way - by double-clicking on the icon.
Open the main menu on the button "Start" and select "Run" - in this way you will open the standard Windows startup programs.This action corresponds to pressing a hotkey Win + R - can use it.Then enter in the window the full path to the executable p
rogram.Type it manually is not necessary, you can click "Browse" and find the game executable file to disk.Then add -debug by a space key and click «OK».The next time you use this dialog to type the path to re-key and do not need to - the introduction of a line to continue the drop-down list, from which it can choose.
Create a text file in any folder on your computer.You can do this on your desktop - click on the background image, right-click, the pop-up shortcut menu, open the section "New" and select "Text Document".Enter the first line of the document the full path to the executable file of the game - you can copy it to the label of the program or in the Explorer address bar.Add -debug key through the gap and save the document with the extension bat.Run game need to double-click on the file.

Tip 2: How to start the game with the parameters

Not all the old games and programs can run in the new operating systems and high-definition screen.In Windows, you can configure the compatibility and the application will run.For information on how to do this, see below.
Tab "Compatibility" in the properties of the game.
Right-click on the icon of the game.In the popup menu, select "Properties".
In the window that opens, click the "Compatibility".
In the "Options" place a checkmark in the desired item.For example, "Use the screen resolution of 640 × 480" or "use 256 colors."
If you do not know what parameters are necessary for the normal operation of the game, put a tick in the "compatibility mode" and select the version of the operating system on which the game is successfully working.
Click "OK".


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