you need
  • Application Partition Magic, utility Acronis OS Selecter, a bootable CD OS.
Before installing a second operating system on your computer, select it on a hard drive e space requirements - a new section.For this application, use Partition Magic, or use the built-in fdisk utility of the system .
new partition file system must comply with the architecture of the operating system you
intend to put together with the existing system.So for the Windows operating system distributed file NTFS and FAT-32, and for Linux should ask one of the varieties of file systems Ext2fs.
allocate a separate partition for the new operating system, install the utility loader Acronis OS Selecter on your computer.This utility provides the user with a graphical menu in a choice of operating system installed on the computer.
After installing Acronis OS Selecter, restart your computer.When the new boot, you will see a menu where you can select download options: your OS or boot from a disk Ety.Once installed on your computer a second operating system in this menu will be displayed even one point.Thus, you can choose between two systems installed at the desired moment, and the installer will load it up.
Reboot and install a bootable CD with a new operating system in the usual way.After installing a second operating system with the new boot menu appears select the boot loader.Select your desired arm OS you wish to download.Now you have the two operating systems on one drive e.