presence on the computer allows the two operating systems, in the case of problems with the main OS, boot from the backup, save important data and calmly to rebuild the system.The operating system can be installed on a separate physical disk , and the logical drive .Before you install Windows XP drive , which will be installed on the OS, it is advisable to format.This is especially important in the case earlier this drive e was Windows 7.
Before installing the OS be sure to save all important data.Then restart your computer during system startup, press F12.The menu select the boot device.Perhaps on your computer call menu is another key - carefully read the label appearing
on the screen at the beginning of the download.
If you open the menu, you can not, go in the BIOS, usually to do this at the beginning of the download, press the Del key or F2.Locate and select the tab BOOT as device initial boot CD.Save your changes (Save and exit setup), insert the bootable CD-ROM .If done correctly, it will install the operating system.To start the download, you may be asked to press any key - Press any key.
carefully follow the download process.When the selection menu appears drive as to which OS will be installed, select the drive you .Note that the menu letter drive s may be different from those you are accustomed to, so be guided by their size and the amount of free space.
Formatting drive and leave the default (NTFS) or if drive not formatted, format it by selecting to NTFS.Start the installation by following the prompts on the screen.When you install the operating system the computer will reboot several times.If you change the settings in the BIOS, after the first reboot again enter the BIOS and set to boot from the hard drive well.Save your changes, further installation should go without problems.
After installation, you may be asked to select a language, time zone, username.The installation is finished, you will see the desktop Windows XP.Please note that for normal operation, you may need to install drivers for the motherboard and graphics card - drive and software are usually provided with your computer before purchasing.
If for some reason these drive s not there, the necessary drivers can be found on the internet - it is necessary to know the details of the motherboard and graphics card.If the documents are not kept on your computer, the system test program Ā«EverestĀ» (or the like), it will give complete information on your computer.
If you have two operating systems on your computer, you can select the desired startup by right-clicking the icon "My Computer" on the desktop and choose "Properties."It open the "Advanced" tab, under "Startup and Recovery", click "Options."This will open a menu where you can select the desired operating system and set the boot choices - for example, 3 seconds.If you are not satisfied with the resolution of the screen, click Control Panel, click on "Display" tab "Settings" and set the desired resolution.Installation and initial setup is finished running.