First of all, you need to determine what kind of computer and what you want to purchase.If you need a computer to type texts, to communicate on the Internet, watch videos, listen to music and play simple games, choose the so-called budget sistemnik.It consists of a dual-core processor, 2-4 GB of memory, 500 GB hard drive, or 1000, the motherboard on the integrated video (which means that you will not have a separate graphics card - it will be integrated into the main system board), and the drive for reading CDs.
If you take the computer for games, then determine which requirements have games that you love to play.You can make sistemnik of the mos
t expensive parts that are on sale, but keep in mind that 20-30 percent you overpay for their "newness".Once the sale will be more powerful card, lost in the current price.At the moment, for a gaming PC would be enough for quad-core processor, 4-6 GB of RAM, 1-1.5 TB hard drive, full-size motherboard chipset is not very old model, the drive for CDs and video 450-470 / 550-560 model1 GB of internal memory.
If you take the computer to work, then choose the parts you need, starting from the type of activity.For video encoding, it is important to have at least triple-core processor, video card with plenty of internal memory and a large hard drive.To process information (accounting) and compiling programs will be increasingly important to have a powerful processor and RAM.If none of these challenges, you will not be executed, see point 1.
The choice of spare parts, too, has some tricks.First, decide on the basis of processor you will collect computer - Athlon or Intel (despite all the controversy lovers, they are comparable).Selecting a processor affects the choice of motherboard for socket mounting: they are fundamentally different.In addition, the more powerful you take the processor, the more expensive it is necessary to choose the motherboard.Also, the more powerful a graphics card you take, the more powerful you have to buy the power supply.All these you can learn the wisdom of the forums on relevant topics.
If you find it hard to understand all right to simply refer to a knowledgeable person or a consultant in the computer store.Just tell, why you need a computer, the source was able to choose the desired option.Contact the store for a couple of comparisons - chances are you will not find too much difference in their councils.