to work with the system registry th Use the Regedit, which is composed of the entire family of operating system Windows.It allows you to not only view but also edit the registry .
There are two ways to call this program.First, open the folder Windows, then System32, it looking for the file regedit32.exe.You can immediately start it by double clicking the mouse, you can create a shortcut and place it on your desktop - for this file, click the right mouse button and drag to the desktop.Release the button in the pop-up menu, select "Create shortcut".
second option: Click "Start" then "Run."In the window that appears, enter the «regedit» (without the quotes) and press «En
ter».Entry window can also be accessed from the keyboard by pressing Win + R.
for ordinary users need to look into the system registry usually associated with the search for Trojans found in Register your e startup key.But really find the line that triggers the spyware is difficult.Traditionally used for the startup registry branch well known anti-virus programs, so a simple Trojan chance to register in the register s almost there.The complex also use more sophisticated ways to start, so they look for clues, looking Register , very problematic.
Note that illiterate work with the system registry th can lead to complete failure of the computer.Even if you save registry before making any changes, his recovery from a cached copy is a difficult and long task - you need to boot from the installation media, start the Recovery Console to manually enter nearly two dozen teams, etc.etc.Therefore, unless absolutely necessary and in the absence of the necessary knowledge to the system registry better not to climb - a chance to get an inoperative system is very high.