Causes of noise processor

while the computer all his electronic mechanisms gradually heated.And some parts are heated very noticeable.For example, during the game is heavy load on the processor and graphics card.But even when the computer is idle normal temperature of the individual components is kept at 50-60 ° C above zero.

And if the system unit or laptop rarely cleaned from dust, then heating the basic details will be even faster.Overheating leads to constant freezing the computer, and the fans are trying to solve this problem by working at higher speeds.This leads to annoying noise.Permanent overheating can result in emergency breakdown of one or more parts technology.

Therefore, to get rid of the constant noise, it is necessary to reduce the fan speed.A causes that give rise to noise, only three.Fi
rst - overheating of computer components.This is especially true of laptops, especially in the summer when the room temperature is often higher than normal.To reduce the number of turns cooler, it is necessary to clean the computer or laptop or change the thermal paste on the CPU.

second reason - badly oiled or just an old cooler.For best performance, it is necessary to clean and lubricate.

And the third reason - a new fan was selected more than necessary, the number of revolutions.In this case, you just need to reduce its speed.

Setting the cooler through the BIOS

Edit mode the cooler is possible through BIOS.To access it, you need to reboot the computer and as soon as the system starts to load, press the button a few times Delete.The main menu appears BIOS where to move to Power.Next, you select a row Hardware Monitor, and then change the value for CPU Q-Fan Control and Chassis Q-Fan Control in the Enabled (ie included).

As a result of these actions will be new line CPU Fan Profile and Chassis Fan Profile.They have three different operating modes: Performance (Perfomans), quiet (Silent) and the optimum between performance and noise (Optimal).After selecting the desired mode of operation you must press F10 to apply the revised settings.After these simple manipulations coolers will produce much less noise during operation of the computer or laptop.