you need
  • - computer running Windows (Vista, Windows 7);
  • - software Vistalizator;
  • - Russian LIP (language pack).
If you need to switch to the Russian language is the operating system Windows 7 or Windows Vista, you can do so.First, you need to download Vistalizator.It can be easily found on the Internet.You need to download it for your OS as version for Vista and Windows 7 compatible.Also note the bit of your operating system.Archive extract to any folder.The installation program is not necessary.It can be run directly from a folder.
Then you should download Russian LIP (language pack) for your operating system.To
do this, simply type in a search engine browser "Russian LIP download for Vista or Windows 7".Save the package to any folder.
Run Vistalizator.In its main menu, click Add languages.Enter the path to the folder where you saved the Russian language pack.Select it with the left mouse button.Then the bottom of the window, click «Open».The message that the automatic update of the operating system language means impossible, but it is possible to use the program.Press OK.In the next window, select the Russian language pack and click Install.Now wait for the completion of the process of installing a new language pack (duration of about ten minutes).Upon completion of the click Yes.
In the main menu there is a list of available languages.Now there appeared Russian.Select it with the left mouse button.Then select Change language.You will be prompted to restart your computer.After rebooting the operating system interface will be changed to Russian.
possible, you can update the Russian package.To do this, run the Vistalizator.Highlight Russian LIP.Next on the menu, select Update.Expect to be tested revision and updating.If these exist, the package will be upgraded.