First of all know that even the best anti-virus is not able to 100% protect your computer from viruses and malware.This is due to the fact that new viruses appear almost every day.And developers will take some time to teach them a program to calculate the new viruses and release updates to the licensed programs.It would seem that the best way out - to use just two antivirus.But many of them are incompatible with each other, and establish work even compatible programs - not an easy task.

This shows that the best anti-virus does not exist, as there is the best car in the world.And no matter what antivirus software you choose, to fully protect it needs additional programs.New anti-virus software regularly c
ome to the market, so you need to constantly test them, compare, monitor and evaluate the work of the ability to protect your computer from dangerous objects.

not believe various published ratings and research results.Firstly, because it is often invited papers designed to advertise a specific product.Second, comparative studies of different antivirus programs conducted in Europe and North America, and their viruses are different from ours.

Category free antivirus software, you can select a group of programs that are of good quality, performance and ease of use.It Avira Free Antivirus, AVAST!Free antivirus, Microsoft Security Essentials and AVG Antivirus Free Edition.In addition to them the necessary tools to control the startup, as well as regular monthly scanning of anti-virus scanner, which can also be downloaded for free on the websites of antivirus vendors.

Paid antivirus software, it is usually best free products, but not always.The best of them are considered to ESET NOD32, Kaspersky Internet Security, Norton Antivirus.In order to improve their work is also needed utility controls startup.In addition, the program must constantly receive signature updates.It is important.Updating free antivirus better pay, for whatever reason do not get updates.