If you have installed on your computer a second OS Windows, the at system startup you have to find the right and wait for 30 seconds before it starts, or press Enter.It's quite uncomfortable, so the choice of operating system and the parameters of its start should be properly set up.
Open the Control Panel: "Start" - "Control Panel."Locate and open the line "System" in the dialog box, select the "Advanced" tab.She look for the section "Startup and Recovery" and click "Settings."
Before you open the settings window boot operating systems.If you wish, you can even remove the window for selecting the operating system when start by removing the check mark from the "Display list of operating systems."In this case, that sy
stem will load that loaded by default.In the line "operating system loaded by default", you can choose the desired operating system.
Despite the possibility of the above options, the menu selection is better not to turn off, even if you use just one operating system.If a problem occurs with the primary OS, you can always boot from the second, save important files and calmly to rebuild the main OS.If you disable a menu maybe you will not.
To download wait 30 seconds, change the line "Display list of operating systems" time from 30 seconds to 3 three seconds is enough to, if necessary, choose a different operating system.In the line "Show options for restore" leave 30 seconds.You can call up the menu options for recovery by clicking at system startup F8.If the operating system for some at rank fails to boot, select from the list of options recovery "Last Known Good Configuration."Very often this is enough for a successful boot.
In that case, if you installed with Windows and Linux, the loader function usually takes Grub, the most common Linux boot loader.To configure the load - on at measures to choose which OS to boot by default, you can go two ways.The first - to edit the configuration file grub.cfg.Specific configuration options depend on the version of Linux, look for them online.And the second, easier way - install startupmanager.It helps you to graphically configure the boot operating systems.