Tip 1: How to remove Windows boot options

Sometimes there are instances where instead of the usual operating system boot menu appears on the screen choices.Typically, this situation may occur if your computer has more than one operating system.But not always.Sometimes, even if you use only one OS, it still appears the menu.Of course, it is very inconvenient.After each time the user boot mode pretty boring.Of course, if you do not choose, the system begins to boot in normal mode, but the time to start your PC take longer.
you need
  • - a computer running Windows.
If your computer has more than one operating system, but one of them, you use much less, then remove the menu, you can start this way.Click on the icon "My Computer" right-click.Then select "Properties" and go to the tab "Advanced Settings".In the window that appears, find the section "Startup and Recovery."In this section, click on "Options".Then on top of the window, click on the arrow and select the operating system that will run by default.
then find the line "Display list of operating systems."In this line, deselect and click OK.Close all windows in each of them by pressing OK.Now the window with a choice of boot options will not.Instead you chose to boot the operating system.If you will need to return to a window where you can choose the operating system and boot options, just check the box back to the item "Display choice of OS."
If you need to use a second operating system is rare, you will not necessarily return it each time in the download window.Just when you start your computer, press F8 or F5.A window appears in which you can select the desired operating system.
If you have only one operating system, then remove the options you can download it in this way.Click "Start".In the list of programs, select "All Programs."Next, open the "Standard".The standard programs is the "Command Prompt."Run it, then type msconfig.exe, and then press Enter.After a few seconds a window "System Configuration".
Select the "General" tab.There is a section "launch options."In it, find the line "Normal Startup".Note that line.Then click "Apply and OK."The window is closed and the settings are saved.Restart the computer.The next time the operating system it should boot normally.

Tip 2: How to remove the boot menu

After you reinstall the operating system or install a second operating system on the same computer the procedure varies download system.During download OS can offer you a choice of one of the systems installed.Sometimes this list there are also references to the operating system, which physically is no longer on your hard drive.There are ways to change the configuration of the system in such a way as to prevent it menu choice of protocol download OS.
How to remove the boot menu
If you run Windows 7 or Vista, you can proceed as follows: first open the dialog to run programs.To do this, press the key combination WIN + R or by clicking the "Start" button, select the main menu select "Run."
dialog "Run" command, type "msconfig" (without the quotes).You can copy and paste it from here into the input box (CTRL + C and CTRL + V).To use this command to run, click «OK» button or press Enter.
In the window "System Configuration" tab "Download".It will see the same list of operating systems that you offered in the menu load at startup.Remove the extra lines and click "OK".
There is an alternative that can be used in both Windows 7 and Vista, and in Windows XP.After logging in, press the key combination WIN + Pause.This will launch an information window "System" (in Windows XP - «System Properties").
For Windows XP, this step is not necessary, as in the case of Windows 7 and Vista in the left pane of the window there is a link "Advanced system settings" - click it.This will open a window with the title "System Settings".
Window parameters of the system will default to the tab "Advanced", the bottom section called "Startup and Recovery" (in any OS).Click "Options" in this section.
the following screen, in the drop down list of "operating system loaded by default", select the one that you need.Then uncheck the inscription "Display list of operating systems."
Will press the «OK», to fix made in OS configuration changes.
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