Internet Protocol (IP) specifies the delivery of data from one network node to another.At the same time it does not guarantee the accuracy of delivery: transmission packets can be lost or arrive in the wrong order, which had been sent.Responsible for the accuracy of the minutes of trans tailor level Transmission Control Protocol - TCP.TCP establishes a connection, controls sending and receiving of packets, replicates its action if no response is received or a packet is lost.It is important to understand that TCP establishes a packet exchange not only between nodes and between software applications.Network port - is the conventional concept, a number from 1 to 65535, which indicates which application is assigned the package.
find out what process is using the ports on your computer, it is possible by using standard Wi
ndows.In the "Start" menu, click "Run" command line and type cmd.Confirm OK.In the console, type the command netstat -a -n -o.
The PID column indicate the number of the process, in the column "Local Address┬╗ - IP-address of your computer and through the colon, port number, which is occupied by the appropriate process."Foreign Address" - is the IP and port number of the remote host, which operates some application.
In the console, type the command tasklist.It will return a list of all applications with code PID, which are executed on the computer.So you know exactly what the process takes any port on your computer.
can get these details anyway: run the "Task Manager" from the command line by typing taskmgr, or key combination Ctrl + Alt + Delete.In the PID column find the room you are interested in the process, in the column "Image Name" - the name of the corresponding application or service.If the PID is not displayed in the Manager window, go to item "View" main menu and choose the option "Select Columns."Put a flag next to "Identif.protsessa (PID)┬╗.