this program in each of the blocks of memory records the information, and then it reads and checks for errors.Memtest is also a list of bad blocks OP format BadRAM.Run this "utility" can be even without operating system, with its own boot loader program.
We describe the process of verifying the program memory Memtest:
Loading.On the Internet there are a number of different assemblies and the installation files, so you can get lost in that rock.If you wish to save the program on CD, swing Pre-Compiled Bootable ISO.If your intentions to record a program on a flash drive, then download the Auto-installer for USB Key.
Installation for CD: record extracted from the downloaded archive file format iso to disk using any burning software.
Setting for USB-stick: run the downloaded exe-file before instal
ling this USB flash drive into the appropriate port, and install software on it.If the card you have the right information, they need to be there to withdraw, because the installation Memtest'a remove all data from it.
Diagnostics.We put in a computer disk or a USB flash drive, reboot, go into the BIOS and the first boot "handheld device" put out a disc or USB flash drive.Save the changes, exit, waiting for the launch of our applets.
immediately run the test OP, so you can at this time to drink tea, or even a walk on the street, because the scan of the entire computer memory may take you a good half of the day.
Test runs cyclically, ieeach of the 9 test runs at a time.After scanning the bottom of the screen will display a message telling the end of the test OP.Pressing Esc, you will reload your computer.
If at least one of the stages of the program will find any errors, then the bar of RAM is likely to have to change in the near future.