Tip 1: How to restore the Windows

There are many reasons for which the operating system may no longer operate stably.To remedy malfunctions of the most popular, there are several methods.
you need
  • - installation disk Windows.
First try to use System Restore.If your operating system is loaded, but is unstable, open the Control Panel and go to the "System and Security".Find the item "Backup and Restore" and navigate to the item "Recover system settings or your computer."
Click "Launch System Restore."Wait until the operating system will gather information on existing restore points.Activate the option "Choose a different restore point" and click "Next".Select the earliest restore point, focusing on the creation date.Click "Search for the affected programs."See what programs are deleted after a system recovery.Click "Next" button and confirm the start of the recovery process.
After a while, the computer reboots, and the system restore process will continue after the boot.If you can not log in, pres
s the F8 key after 5-10 seconds after turning on the computer.Select "Starting last known good configuration."Sometimes it allows you to run Windows for system recovery.
If the above method does not load, try to select "Safe Mode Windows».In the new window, select option "Safe Mode with drivers."Wait for the operating system in the selected mode.Try to start the process of restoring Windows, as described above.
eventually try to insert the Windows installation disc into the drive and run it.Select "Correction of faults» (Windows XP) or go to the "Advanced Restore Options" and select the "Startup Repair."Wait until the end of the program and restart your computer.

Tip 2: How to restore the

Chronic fatigue, which leads first to the mental, and then to the physical exhaustion, was the scourge of humanity in this century, along with other diseases pskhonevrologicheskogo character.Avoid it can be if in time to give yourself a rest, allowing the body to recuperate.
How to recover
Change kind of activity.Most of us work in the field of mental work, the main tool - the computer.Get up from the table, do two or three exercises: walking, jogging, stretching.Wave your arms and legs.
If the office is not very easy to do, go out into the hallway, and it is better on the street, in the yard.For 10-15 minutes you will become a different person.
Make self-massage.Mash the back (usually numb the shoulder girdle), the biologically active points on the ears, hands.If circumstances allow, razuytes and massage the heel.For a complete happiness can use a massage cream or any fat cream with the addition of one or two drops of essential oil.
If there ten minutes, use the following set.Drink half a cup of hot (not scalding, up to 70 degrees) water.Pat on the entire surface of the body, which get, open palms.There was a feeling of heat - the blood prilet to promassirovat sites.
Tap fingertips on the inner and outer sides of the palms.
Stand on tiptoe 2-3 cm, and then suddenly the whole foot to the heel experienced a slight bump (heels this exercise should not do).Repeat 20-30 times.
Stroke body open palms.
Wash with cold water.If eye makeup, zazhmurte firmly for a few seconds and blink.
Thank and praise themselves for their work.Go back to your computer.
  • as system availability


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