If you want to delete a folder that is locally hosted on your computer and used as a network share, ie it is a network to other computers on the network, making it very easy.Start Windows Explorer, double-click on the icon "My Computer" or rollover win + e.Then go to the folder you want to delete, select it and press delete.On confirmation from the conductor answer in the affirmative.
If it is necessary to remove a network folder on another computer, you can do it, too, through the conductor, and the sequence of actions will be the same as in the previous case.However, the essential feature is that a user with administrator privile
ges on the computer that stores the network share, in its properties, for you shall be exposed enough permissions to perform this operation.
If you delete only a link to the network folder, so that it did not in your computer, and the folder itself need not be physically removed from the computer disk on which it is placed, then this can be done through Windows Explorer.Run it, go to become unnecessary network folder and click the right mouse button.In the popup context menu, select "Disconnect Network Drive."This team is also in the Explorer menu - it is placed in the section "Service" file manager.
can disable a network folder from the command line.To do this, press the keys simultaneously win + r, type cmd and press enter - so runs the emulator command line.After that, type net use, separated by a space, type the letter a network drive that you want to turn off, put a colon, a dash and slash and then type delete.This team can look like this: net use Z: / delete.Typing, press enter, and the network drive is disconnected.