Tip 1: How to turn on the laptop drives

error, when you install the Windows XP version, the installer can not find the hard drive on a laptop computer, in most cases, is caused by a lack of available SATA-drivers.The error can be corrected by the user.
This problem is typical for laptops with SATA-HDD.Delov that, unlike OS WIndows Vista, and 7, the distribution version of XP does not contain a SATA-drivers, and because of this just does not see the hard drives.One solution to this problem could serve as a mode of use of the BIOS.
To do this, reboot the notebook and use the F2 function key at the time of its incorporation.Next, you need to change the compatibility mode setting IDE or disable the AHCI mode in the settings of the controller SATA.Selection of a particular action depends on the notebook model.The options are:

- SATA Native Mode - select Disable;
- AHCI Mode - select the command Disable;
- SATA Operation - select ATA;
- Configure SATA as - point to IDE;
- SATA Controller Mode - select Compatibility.

This action should lead to the recognition of the hard disk version of Windows Setup XP.
If it still does not happen, will require the establishment of an independent distribution.To do this, insert the boot disk contents to a folder on your computer and download and install a specialized application nLite.Download the special SATA-drivers from the official website of the laptop manufacturer, or use a universal set of Intel Matrix Storage Manager.
Call the context menu of the executable file is loaded, click the right mouse button and select "Create Shortcut."Add parameters
-a -a -pc: drivers
at the end of the string "Object" to create shortcuts and confirm the selected action by clicking "Apply".Run the application nLite b specify the path to the OS installer file.
Use the check boxes in the line "boot image ISO» and "Drivers".Use the "Add" button to specify the path to the folder with the extracted drivers and select the correct one.Confirm integration options and then click "Create ISO».Save the image and transfer it to a disk.

Tip 2: How to turn on the hard drive

purchased a new hard disk requires the installation of a computer.This procedure involves the mechanical work - fasten, attach, install the drivers and disk formatting.
How to turn on the hard drive
you need
  • connecting cables, screwdriver, CD with drivers
are investigated with the model acquired the hard disk and the connection method.On older models need to install a special switch (jumper) between terminals hard drive to the operating system knew which of them should be treated first.Modern hard disks connected via a controller Sata, in such manual configuration is not needed.
open the case off your computer and install a hard disk in a special connector.Fasten it with screws and screwdrivers.
Connect the hard drive Sata controller on the motherboard via a wire that comes bundled with the hard drive.Another wire connects the power cord to the HDD of the computer power supply.
Turn on the computer and wait for the system start plug & amp; play.It automatically detects new hardware and will search for the required drivers.
Attaching hard drive must be carried out on the computer is turned off completely.After turning it from a network tap to the computer to dissipate any static electricity.
Good advice in the selection of the drivers, insert the disc bundled with the hard drive and specify the path to it.Drivers from the manufacturer may be different from the available drivers in the operating system.Later, you can update the drivers on the Internet.
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