1 Turn on the computer by pressing the Power, and use the function key F2 or Del to transfer mode BIOS.Click on the tab Advanced BIOS Features in the window BIOS Setup Utility and select Boot Device Priority.Select CD-ROM Drive as the primary boot device and save your changes by pressing the function key, F10.Confirm the execution of the selected action by clicking the Yes button in the window that opens, the query system.
Insert the Windows boot disk into the drive and reboot the system.Press the Enter button in the window of the operating system installer and accept the license agreement by pressing F8 in the next window.
entire hard drive in this case is recognized by Windows as unallocated space, so it is advisable to split it into
two logical partitions.To do this, press the function key and type the desired size for the volume in the appropriate field.Confirm the implementation of the action selected by pressing the Enter key function and ensure that the created partition is displayed in the "new section".
Highlight "unallocated" in the list and then use the C key to create the second logical volume.Type the desired size for the disk in the appropriate field and confirm saving the changes by pressing the function press Enter.
Select is designed to install the operating system, and format it to NTFS.Wait until the files are copied to your hard drive and restart the computer.Do not perform any action at the next startup and continue installing the OC Windows.
Go back into the BIOS after installation of the operating system the method described above and set as the primary boot device Hard Disk to reduce the download time.Save your changes.