you need
  • - permanent access to the Internet;
  • - a static IP-address;
  • - bespereboynik or place on the server side
  • - domain name.
Contact your service provider for the provision of the services you constant external IP-address.Often, this service is available for a fee, details on the procedure of its provision also inquire in advance from your provider.
to run the ASP project, you need a nearly constant access to the Internet, so when choosing a provider, take this point a lot of attention to disconnects occur as rarely as possible.This choice is relevant in the case of your project ASP, take up more space on the disk.
In this case, you also need to ensure the continued operation UPS.It is best to use a wired type of connection when connecting and separate computer, which
is not parallel to the other actions will be carried out.
If your ASP-project is not so much weight, or you do not have a possibility to run it out of the house, use the services of third-party companies to rent hosting and domain name.It is best to give preference to paid resources, since they are more convenient and reliable.It is mandatory to upload only the running configuration of the project that has already been pre-launched in your offline.
If the project does not start even on a computer, install the Apache server, or ISS.ISS you can find in the services and applications of the operating system, the full name of the utility - Internet_Information_Services.
If you for any reason not this utility, follow it to download the official website of the developer.In order to continue to better understand the aspects of her work, log on special sites and forums and read periodically thematic information.