you need
  • blog platform WordPress, the software Total Commander.
to completely remove all the unnecessary files, use the Total Commander.The program is not free, but it has a long trial period in a month, then it is possible to continue to use, but you need to press the button with the specified number when the program starts.As part of this program, there is a good FTP-client.It allows you to manage the data that are on the server, ie,we can remove unnecessary files .
After starting the program
, press the key combination Ctrl + F or click the menu FTP, then "Connect to FTP-server."In the next window, click "Connect" if connection data have been entered in advance.Otherwise, click "Add" and enter the data for the connection to the server.After a successful connection to the server, navigate to the folder with the pictures, the default - wp-content / upload.
This folder contains many files, many can be removed.To do this, click the menu "Selection", then "Select group".You can also press the Num +.By this action, we create a mask to remove the files of the same type.In the "Search for files ยป select the symbol x (it is present in the file names).Click "Burn" and then select the name of the template.
After pressing Num +, select the newly created template.As a result, it will select all the files at a specified mask.Check all files , did not bring any desired pattern files .You need only remove the files small.It remains only to click on the Delete button and wait for the end of the operation.