If you need to process only part of the image, it is convenient to use the tool Edit in a Quick Mask Mode («Edit in Quick Mask mode").It can be accessed by clicking on the keyboard Q. Select the toolbar brush of black color and paint over that part of the image that you want to leave unchanged.

figure covered with red transparent film.If you accidentally painted over once the fragment set foreground color to white and the brush on this site.To return to the standard mode, press the key again Q. Instead, the film will be shown a red selection.The selection will be protected from any manipulation that you have done over the image.

degree of protection can be changed.To do this, use a grayscale image at a spray painted parts.The darker the color, the less will be the impact of the s
ection.This is very useful if you want a smooth transition in the processing of images.

Isolation created in Quick Mask mode, you can save.Open the palette Channel («Channels") and click Save selection as channel («Save selection as channel").Default allocation is named Alpha1,2,3 etc.You can rename the channel by double-clicking on its name.

to make a selection in the menu Selection («Isolation"), choose the command Load («Load").You can also go to the bar channel and click on the desired title.

to create collages is very convenient to use a layer mask.Suppose you need to make a new image of the two images.The upper layer was partially transparent to visible underneath were fragments of the lower layer.

Activate the top layer.In the Layers palette, click the Add layer mask («Add layer mask").Next to the icon image miniature masks appear white.If the paint on a white mask with a black brush will appear figure lower layer.To restore the top image, swipe the brush portion white.

to the mask layer can be used many drawing tools.Choose Gradient («Gradient"), on the Properties pane, set the Radial («radial"), and a color change from black to white.Draw a line from the center of the gradient pattern in the corner.The new image will consist of a central portion of the lower layer and the upper periphery.
Using the brush tool, and various shades of gray, you can hide and show scenes from different layers.

If you choose the button Add layer mask by holding down Alt, black mask hides the top layer.To recover the latent image, it is necessary to draw a white paint to cover - black.