With sufficient skills to work in 3D, you can create a model of their own with the help of the program 3D Studio Max.Draw a grid pattern, and then apply a texture to it.Using bright textures make the model more visible during the game, so use them in order to make it easier to see the enemy.Save the project, and then export it to one of the programs to adapt the model to games, for example, Milkshape 3D.Save the file with the mdl.Go to the folder models, and then select the model you want to replace.Copy it to a separate folder.Rename the file you created and paste it in place of the original.
You can also download the player models on the Internet.This method is useful if you just want to diversify the gameplay, not wasting time on the creation of new models.Use the
fan sites dedicated to the game Counter Strike.Use the site map to get them a section where you can download files with the models.Keep in mind that in some cases may require registration.
Unzip files.Be sure to read the readme, and review the files that it contains.Go to cstrike / models - it contains all the files that may be downloaded to replace.
Copy the folder models entirely in a separate place.This is necessary to ensure that in the event of incorrect operation of the models you had the opportunity to roll back.Otherwise, you are required to reinstall your game client.
Open the folder where you unzipped the files downloaded from the net.Select them all, and then insert it into the location specified in the readme.By default, this folder models.When copying you have a request to replace the original files - confirm it.Wait for the copy, and then start the game.
Create a map with bots or go to any server for performance testing models.The most common errors that can be caused by poor-quality models - it is their absence or label ERROR to their place.If this occurs, return back the original model and start the game again.If this does not work, re-install the game.