Operating System

All smartphones have operating system on board that enables them to work with applications.IPhone Apple's running IOS, BlackBerry smartphones have BlackBerry OS.There are also operating systems Android and Windowsmobile.


Almost all modern cell phones are equipped with third-party software.Even the most basic models have an address book or contact manager.Smart phones have many more functions.They can let you create and edit documents Microsoft Office.You can download applications such as personal affairs manager, software for viewing the weather reports and many others.You can even edit your photos or receive images from surveillance cameras in real time, if you install the appropriate applicati

Internet access

Smartphones can provide access to high-speed Internet connection thanks to the emergence of broadband 4G and 3G networks for data transmission.In the Internet you can go with the built-in Wi-Fi module, which is almost all phones.However, some models of smart phones can not support high-speed Internet channel.


Most phones have a QWERTY-keyboard.It has the same form as that of a standard computer keyboard.The upper part is the digital block and the bottom are arranged letters.And the keys are not in alphabetical order and by frequency of use.

Many owners sooner or later there is a desire to replace the standard keyboard for anything unusual.Developers should consider this and have created hundreds of QWERTY-keyboard smartphone.Some of them are paid and some - free.


All mobile phones can send and receive text messages, but the hallmark of smartphones is the availability of e-mail service.It can synchronize with your personal mailbox and account.Certain gadgets are capable of supporting multiple e-mail accounts.Others have access to popular instant messaging services such as AIM, AOL and Yahoo Messenger.


screen is the main feature of the smartphone.Many touch it, and some even have a keyboard, combined with the conventional TFT display.However, smartphones with a keyboard appears less and less as the price of touchscreens decreases with every year, and there are new types of screens.


Technology of production of smart phones and cell phones are constantly changing.The most advanced phone morally obsolete with the introduction of new models.Therefore it is necessary to change them at least every few years.