you need
  • PC, Notepad
Go to "Notepad".Write the text you want.Save it.Reopen this text.Go to the tab "Format", which is on the toolbar.Select "Font".This opens a window.Select «Terminal».Press "OK".
You can download Internet utility NotePad ++.This program is very easy to edit files.Download and install the notebook NotePad ++.To access it, go to "My Computer" and the tab "work program."There must be a point NotePad ++.Go to him.To change it encoding the desired text, you have to enter in the column «File».In the list of parameter «Encoging».Then press the «UTF-8".Once you do, you can start by the change.Also, you will need an
other program Total Commander.To attach it NotePad ++.The program Total Commander tab "Configuration."Then go to "Configure: Edit / View."This opens a window "Settings".Where it says "default", then click NotePad ++.Click "OK".
Open Total Commander and run notepad NotePad ++.Pressed bookmarks select "Encoding".Click "Encode in UTF-8 (without BOM)."Text me what you need and save.
can change the encoding and different.Open Notepad.Enter the desired text.Click "File" and "Save As".In the window that appears, insert the file name and file type.Where it says "Encoding", select the option and save.
If you need to read a page, and there is not clear to you the encoding, then, too, you can use Notepad.Save the page.Click on it, right-click and select "Open with Notepad".Before you open the text.Locate the following line "Content-Type" content = "text / html; charset = windows-1251".Remove it and insert the text "charset = utf-8".Next, click "File" and "Save As".When you save, select the encoding 8 UTF-.The file name is not changed.Now, again, you can open the site page, and you will see a plain, readable text.