character set, alternating uppercase, lowercase letters, use numbers - all that people have come up and use as a password, keep in mind it is very difficult.

Well, if you visit a couple of very favorite sites, as if dozens of resources, a lot of payment systems, plus your favorite social networks?

task of remembering the password is converted into insoluble.First you need to determine what should be strong passwords.

that in no case can not be used when creating passwords

- names and their family members;

- nicknames of your domestic animal;

- dates and years of birth: their relatives, children;

- a set of Russian words in Latin.

On the first three points clear: all these data can be found on the pages of social networks in the public domain.

fourth point is very unreliable.Do not listen to some of the advisers.On the first letters of the chosen robot it is very easy to follow and discern all the whole word.

You can check for yourself: Try to register start typing English Russian word.Crawler immediately offer tips to decoding options.Password cracker programs still operational, sophisticated.Adding numbers to save the position for a while.

strong password - a good password

two basic rules of selection of a secure password:

- it should be long (10-12 marks),
- it must be absolutely illogical, meaningless.

To wrestle, use the online services password generators.The generated password will be created for the specified parameters and it is virtually impossible to guess, for that matter, and remember.

If you can not remember where the store?

The safest way to store passwords - a good old notepad.None of the Trojans, no virus will be able to jump to you from the Internet and computer and steal your passwords.

note of the passwords in Notepad or Notepad (available at any computer).You just copy and paste the desired password in the appropriate field login.Negative way: while infecting the system with viruses, you risk losing data.Or you will lead trite attackers.Hedging.

Use Apps to your browser, specially designed for the storage of passwords or virtual file store.

Even if you keep the password file in the cloud services like Yandex Disk or Dropboks (Dropbox), it will keep your passwords safe.Very high reliability storage of passwords.

find applications for browsers such as LastPass for Chrome.

service is very convenient, but it will keep your passwords Google.If you are not alarming, use.It's really very convenient.Open the site, enter data, and agree to keep.Everything will be based "on the shelves" - sites, logins, passwords.

Since passwords must be difficult to guarantee the security of accounts and pages, remember them - employment empty, hopeless and useless.

better ways to take advantage of the proposed storage of access to resources.They are designed to make life easier for users of the Internet.