you need
  • - Antivirus;
  • - administrator rights;
  • - computer.
To put a file in the quarantine , you need to use the standard hardware of the anti-virus tion program.Open Anti Virus and Kaspersky .It's enough to click once on the left mouse button on the program icon in the system tray (area of ​​the taskbar near the clock).Or run the program through the "Start" menu.It is also worth noting that the label run can be located on your desktop.
Click on the word "quarantine" in the top right corner of the s
creen.This arrangement of buttons typical for version 2011. If you have another version, you can always find the item through the help section.Here, however, the problems should arise.Developers have created an intuitive interface, so find any item in the menu, you can in a few seconds.
All files ever placed on quarantine , will be displayed in the list.To place a program or file in quarantine , click on the words "Move to quarantine ».You can put different files as a local drive on your computer or from removable media that are in the USB ports.
In the window that appears, navigate to the file and click "OK".The data will be placed in a special area, and processed.You can cure malicious content by clicking the "Treat all."Files that can not be cured, remain forever on quarantine e.
not always prevent anti virus and Kaspersky triggered on virus s, as the program may seem suspicious and totally securefiles.However, do not neglect security issues.If in doubt, put the file in the quarantine .Also, try to always have a copy of all information stored on your computer so that in all cases the computer can be infected without regret to reinstall the system.