most promising ways to remove antivirus software

There are two very basic and simple method of removing anti-virus.The first - through the "Start" menu, and the second - with the help of the program, the uninstaller.Each of them involves different degrees of user intervention.The second way to remove more automated, which facilitates the entire process.

Removing the menu "Start»

Go to the "Start" menu and click "All Programs" to the monitor display the complete list of installed applications.Scroll to a folder called «Kaspersky Internet Security».Depending on the version of anti-virus, folder name may vary.Then at the bottom, click "Remove" or "Uninstall."

After completing the previous steps, a window opens "Setup Wizard Kaspersky Internet Security».It was he who performs the process of
removing the anti-virus software from your computer.In order to prevent any errors before you begin, close all active programs on your desktop.To continue erasing the bottom right of the window, click "Next".

The next step tick one of the options.Or "Delete program completely" or "Save application objects."First - it cleans your PC from Kaspersky, the second - removes the virus, but it keeps the most important elements that allows, if necessary, make the recovery procedure.

click "Next" until the appearance of a progress bar indicates the beginning of the removal procedure.Importantly, the antivirus program should be erased before the installation of a new virus scan.The presence on the computer of two similar applications will cause numerous errors and lead to complete system failure.

After completely removing, restart your computer.It is necessary that the device previously kept all options and free up memory.If anti-virus has been completely removed, that is, without storing the individual components, then clean the registry to get rid of the "tails" of the application.

To open the Registry Editor, in the "Start" menu kniknite "Run" and type «regedit».On the monitor will appear in the upper field is click the "Edit" option and select "Find".To start the search process tick off the following: "The names of the sections," "The names of the parameters" and "Parameter values".

After the search folder containing the desired files will be marked automatically.Right-click the folder, scroll to the detected «Kaspersky Anti-Virus» function and press "Delete", located in the context menu.All remnants of the program will be removed from the registry entirely.

Removal using uninstaller

similar removal process can be carried out using a special uninstaller.This method significantly reduces the time since this program will clean up the registry.