There are two main types of this nation.Either you play aggressive or passive.The first option is for those who for a long time can continuously monitor the account.If you are a beginner, it is best to select the passive mode of the game.At the initial stage, perform quests offered by the game, and build the following buildings: a barn, warehouse and markets.
Now the emphasis paid to the construction of buildings, increase the growth of resources.Remember that it is your (the Gauls) first begin to attack the enemy after the fall protection.Iepay attention to the cache.Its capacity is very large compared to other peoples.During the construction of resource fields is recommended to build a little bit more than those who bring clay and wood.These are the resources you need at the beginning of t
he game.
Do not immediately hire to protect the phalanges.They will still be killed by the attacking Germans.No benefit from it, you do not eject.With traps also better to wait.Calmly proceed to rebuild the resource fields, not forgetting to increase the depth of the recesses.The main rule is that the attacker does not have to take away from your village resources.After a while, you simply cease to attack because it does not bring the enemy of the good.
Think about joining the alliance.You should not take the first offer.Remember that enrollment in a weak alliance will not give you protection against Blajan enemies.Well developed gal need any alliance as an active assistant in the protection of villages.If you see a really strong close to the Germans, you can become his own advocate.Of course, in return you will be provided with protection and assistance replenishment.
After pumping all resource fields above the sixth level start to build an army to collect resources from nearby "dead" villages.If there are too few, it paves the way for the construction of the second village.