To move the folder «My Documents» to another drive, to start to determine what it will drive whether enough space on it.To do this, specify the size of the folder «My Documents» and the amount of free space on the disk where you plan to move the folder.
To determine the size of the folder «My Documents», click on it from the desktop, right-click and select from the drop down menu "Properties".Go to the open window on the "General" tab and make a note of the data given in the line "size."Determine the disk space can be the same way: go to the folder
"My Computer" and select the desired drive.Click on its icon, right-click the drop-down menu, select "Properties" to vote free space on the "General" tab.
on the drive to which you want to move the folder «My Documents», to create a new folder and name it «My Documents».You can create a new folder from the menu "File".Select "Create" from the dropdown menu, select the line "New Folder."Enter a name for the folder («My Documents»), click the mouse anywhere in the window to complete the entry.The same can be done by right-click on any empty space in the window, from the drop down menu to select the same items ("New" and "New Folder").
Go to your desktop and right-click on the icon for a folder «My Documents».Select "Properties".In the window that opens, click the "Destination Folder".Remember that appears on the desktop is only a shortcut folder and she is elsewhere.
Line "Placing the destination folder" enter the address you just created folder.To do this, open the folder you created, copy the address from the address bar of its placement and paste the address into the field on the "Destination Folder".Alternatively, you can press the "Move" in the window that opens, navigate to the folder you just created, moving from branch to branch directory.Specify the path to the folder, click "Apply" and confirm the movement of the folder in the dialog box.Wait for the contents of the folder «My Documents» to move to a new directory.Press the «OK» button or the "X" to close the properties of the folder «My Documents».