you need
  • - archiver
  • - installer game
Choose 1.6.2, if you love horses and donkeys, want to tame them and to adapt to transport your inventory- for example, when moving from one home to another game.These animals are crossed with each other to produce the unique species.Also try out the new blocks (for example, painted clay).To get the chance to take advantage of these and a number of other possibilities, correctly install Minecraft.
First, make sure your computer has been installed Java.Without this software platform the game will not start.Download the installation file of the program from the official website of its manufacturer, but make sure to match the bit of your system (32 or 64)
.Otherwise, Java will not work properly, and with it will begin to log and Minecraft, because of what the gameplay will be torment.Fill in the Runtime Parameters on the control panel the values ​​of RAM you want to allocate for the game, but the numbers indicate, not exceeding the total amount of RAM.
Download a trusted source installer on Minecraft 1.6.2.It is better to choose a licensed copy (by the way, do not forget to do purchase a key from Mojang) - there, in the opinion of experienced, eliminated many bugs.Pirate launchers are good only to those that are free, but often function correctly.
Run the installation file with the extension .exe - then the game will be in the correct directory.The installation process when selecting the connection method, select the item Play offline for an unofficial version.In case you have purchased a license, click on that line, which offers entry to the gameplay using your login.Such nuances need to take into account, otherwise you will not be able to go to the pirate in Minecraft launcher.
If you archived the installer, open a special program-archiver and switch to the directory where it should be.Just go through the archive to disk C Documents and Settings (for XP) or Users (for 7, 8, or Vista), seek out a folder with a name of its user, and in it - Application Data.There's an older version of Windows folder appears .minecraft.In the new, it is inside another folder - Roaming.Click Enter - and the game files are moved there.
Check the operation of the game, trying to run it.If Minecraft is opened without problems, make its menus to select settings (select, for example, the desired mode, complexity, etc.) and start creating the game world.When the launcher when running produces errors, correct them.For example, in the case of signs of inappropriate video driver update or install the appropriate software.Now the gameplay should start.Enjoy it features in version 1.6.2.