Open the image by selecting the Open (Open) in the menu File (File).Loading image.
is in the same menu Save for Web (Save for Web).Before us opens a window with a lot of options, but should not be afraid, we have to be controlled with only a few of them.
How to reduce the size of Photoshop
customary for saving images is the image format JPEG.There are other ways to store information about the image, each of them has its own special purpose, its pros and cons.Save images in these formats is also needed, but no special requirements to do it to anything.Therefore, choose from the list in the upper field of the Settings window click JPEG.
If we are critical of the size of the saved file - the smaller the file, the faster the image is transmitted through the communication channels, and if the connection is slow, the images are loaded for a long time - that we get a parameter Quality (
Quality).Of course, the quality is lower, the smaller the file.(For information about the size of the output file can always be seen in the lower left corner of the window under the picture)
But most important for our task, of course, are the parameters responsible for the size of the image.We see bottom right field in which are displayed the width and height of the original image.It is easy to put to new figures.Generally, if we prepare the image for uploading it to the network or e-mail transmission, the size of the maximum side can be up to 1000 pixels (except when viewing it will go beyond the edges of the monitor), then this number can safely enter instead of the maximum value.You can simply specify the new size as a percentage, this rule has the appropriate field.
specify the new size look like began to look our image in the preview window.If necessary, adjust the volume output may file the above-mentioned parameter Quality, however, trying to keep it as possible.
finish the conversion, click on the button Save (Save) and set the disk space and the new name of the resulting file.