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  • Computer
If, for example, a video deck, you can just go out and buy game , which is like, in the case of buying games for the computer businessthings differently.Each game has its own system requirements to your computer.If the PC does not meet the requirements, it is likely that this game will not run on it.Even if it will be able to run comfortably play you do not get.
Before buying games remember the configuration of your computer.As a rule, the system requirements are composed of three components: frequency of the processor (the system requirements in certain games can also specify the minimum number
of processor cores), the amount of computer memory, video card.If earlier it was only about video memory, it is now generally in the system requirements specified the model and series of video cards that support the game.
Choosing game , be sure to check the suitability of its system requirements for your computer.If fit, so the game should run on your PC.To install some games require an internet connection.It is also generally indicated in the system requirements.If you do not have Internet access, you just do not install this game .
also to play some games require a stable internet connection.Usually on the package for game indicates the minimum Internet connection speed at which you can play this game .This applies not only multiplayer games.Many companies use it as an additional parameter protection.If you have internet connection speed below the asking, comfortable to play as it will be impossible.
Note sold in the market licensed and pirate versions of games.Having bought a pirated copy, you lose support.Nor the fact that pirated game run on your computer.So always buy a licensed disc.