Run the Word, is part of the Microsoft Office, and then expand the "Edit" menu top toolbar of the program window to open the window "Search".
Specify item "Find" or alternatively, perform simultaneous pressing Ctrl + A.
enter the required settings in the "Find" and click "Find Next."to search in the selected document to the location of the mouse pointer to the end of the document.
Use Pressing the button "Find Next" to continue the search in the preparation of the desired result or achievement of the chosen document.
Click "More" for additional options and modalities of implementation of the search operation, provided of Word.
Specify item "Direction" to determine the parts of the document to be searchable.Use "Everywhere,"
default "for the search of the entire text of the selected document and use the checkbox on the" Case sensitive "to cancel ignore case letters when performing the search.
Use the checkbox on the "Whole words only" to cancel the search for parts of words in your search criteria or the "wildcards" for the possibility of using special characters, simplifying the process (for example, the symbol "*"could serve as a substitute for any number of multiple symbols, and the symbol"? "will substitute for any other single character).
Use the checkbox on the "Pronounced as" to use search capabilities of words whose spelling is not precisely defined, or the "all word forms' for the possibility of the search variable grammatical forms setpoint.