Tip 1: How to insert a picture on the wall

When communicating through social networks, users can use the services of a so-called wall which is a microblog.Entries for it can be text, graphics, in video or audio format.To send a media file, you need to make a few simple manipulations.
you need
  • computer with an Internet connection.
authorize the social network.Go to the page the user to whom you want to send an image file (image or photo), this may be your page.
wall is usually the right of the main picture of the user.Move the cursor to "Enter message" in the top of the wall and click the left mouse button.Click "Attach" and select "Picture".Next, select a photo from your photo albums or from your computer.Press confirm.

Tip 2: How to insert a picture on the wall

popularity of social networks is growing rapidly.People communicate, find their friends, relatives, colleagues.The social network can also listen to music, watch videos.These materials can be shared with friends.To do this, there is a tool calle
d a "wall."Wall laid out by both plain text messages and media files.Let's talk about how to insert pictures on the wall.
How to insert a picture on the wall
Click on the icon of your friend.Once you get a small load on his page.Here you can see information about it, various news and more.Here we see the field, which is the "wall".
At the top of the wall there is a small text box.It is intended for input of any information.Place your mouse cursor on it and left click.The field will expand and there will be two buttons."Send" button is used to send the information provided.
But we are interested in the button "to attach."Click on it.It appears a few points.If you select "graffiti", the other on the wall you can draw a picture.By clicking on the button "record" and "video" we add music and video to a friend on the wall.Select the option "Photo".A dialog box appears in which using the button "Browse" you must specify the image file.Just below will show your image.
press "send."The picture will be posted on the wall of a friend.
On this page you will find answers to questions we are often asked, including a detailed step by step instructions how to insert a picture in a frame on our site.If you have questions related to the work site, please ask via the contact form located at the bottom of the page.
In the English-speaking social networks are looking for teams with the corresponding value of the transfer.
privacy settings do not allow some users to leave notes and other types of messages on the walls.Be prepared that the message box is missing.


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