For example, the technology of the Internet informers, designed to create a comfortable and useful information modules, quickly provides the user with a particular information was used to create a banner with pornographic content, which is spontaneously established in the user and shows the image of obscene, requiringfrom naive users to send a paid SMS to get rid of this dubious "pleasure".Of course, trust the promises of the founders of the banner can not be, because there is no guarantee that the resource will turn off even after sending an SMS.

To remove the advertising module, you must:

  1. primarily perform a full system scan using the installed antivirus software in it.Additionally, you can use the module CureIt!a set of tools antivirus DrWeb.Often this is enough to remove the advertising module.If the
    antivirus does not deal with the problem, you may want to disable the advertising module manually.The necessary actions depend on what kind of browser used to view web pages.

  2. In Mozilla FireFox need to open the Tools menu - Add-ons - Extensions and disable all items that are unfamiliar to you.If it is turned off any useful addition, you can always turn back, revealing the same menu of the browser.

  3. in Microsoft Internet Explorer, click Tools - Add-ins - Enable or Disable Add-ons.Disable all add-strangers, especially if related files contain the title «lib.dll».You can disable the add-ins one by one, each time you restart your browser and checking whether to continue to appear annoying informer.If the widget in place, then you can disable the add-turn again, go to the next in order.

  4. In Opera, click the Tools menu - Preferences and in the window that opens select the "Advanced" tab.Here you should press the "Content", then - there was the "Settings javascript».Remove any text, which is in the "User Files Folder javascript», it should be left blank.