you need
  • - Microsoft Security Essentials;
  • - avast!Free Antivirus 5.0;
  • - Norton Internet Security
Run the Microsoft Security Essentials, and then click on the tab "History" in the main window of the program for the operation of extraction of the files of quarantine .
Specify item "Elements of the quarantined" and click "View details" in the dialog box.
Enter the computer administrator's password on prompt and specify the file to be recovered from the quarantine , in the list.
Click "Restore" to complete the extraction of files or use the "Delete All" to clear the quarantine antivirus application Microsoft Security Essentials.
Select "Service" in the
main window antivirus avast!Free Antivirus 5.0, and click the "quarantine" of the dialog box.
Call the context menu of the file to be restored in the list of right-hand side of the application window and select the command "Restore" to retrieve the selected file to its original storage location specified in the "original location".
Choose "Quarantine" in the "Journal of security" anti-virus software Norton Internet Security and click the Settings button "to perform a file recovery placed a quarantine.
Select the desired file and click "Restore the file" in the window "Risk Found."
Click "Yes" in the new dialog "Restore from quarantine ยป and complete the recovery operation by clicking "Close".