If you are using the DOS operating system, and any version of any manufacturer, to execute a command on the command line, simply close the application that is currently running.Some programs, such as file manager Norton Commander, Volkov Commander, DOS Navigator, let you execute commands without closing the application.If you want to automatically execute a series of commands open any editor that supports the format of "text only", then dial this sequence by placing each of these teams on a new line.Save the text file with the extension BAT.Run it and it will start automatically executed.If one folder contains two files with the same name, but one of them has the extension COM or EXE, and the second - BAT, when you enter the file name without the extension will be executed last.
In Windows 95 or Windows 98, there are two ways to start a command prompt.To take the first of them, restart the machine in emulation mode MS-DOS.For the same, to take advantage of the second method, press the "Start" menu, select "Run" and then enter the string command.In the second case, you will not lose multitasking.
In Windows operating systems starting with NT first of the above methods to enter the command line is not operational.Use only a second, but instead enter the command cmd.Please note that in any version of Windows, you can create and run the BAT-files analonichno how it is done under DOS.
In the Linux operating system, there are two ways to access the command line.To take the first of them, simultaneously press the keys Ctrl, Alt and Fn, where n - number of the console (2 to 4).Applications running in the GUI, will continue to work.If necessary, enter your username and password.To return to the graphical interface, press the Alt key and Fn, where n is equal to 5 or 7, depending on the distribution.For the same, to take advantage of the second method, run any console emulator (eg, xterm or Konsole).
In Linux, you can also create and run a batch file.They save without any extension.Before launching such files do run them with the command:

chmod 755 ./imya_fayla

To run the file, enter a different command:

Regardless of the operating system and ways to enter commands afterset each of them, press Enter.The documentation for Linux can be found the old name of this key - Return.