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  • - administrative law.
Display the contents of the virtual directory "Control Panel".This can be done by opening the folder window directly.To do this, click on the item "Control Panel" under "Settings" menu that appears when you click "Start" in the task pane on the desktop.The contents of the folder can also be viewed in Windows Explorer by expanding the "My Computer" and selecting the desired item.
Open dialog control power settings and energy saving PC.For this purpose, among the elements constitu
ting the contents of the folder panel, get the label with the name of "Power".Open it by clicking on it once or twice (depending on the current settings of the parameters of activation labels) the left mouse button or clicking once the right button and selecting "Open" menu.
Turn off Standby mode.In the dialogue "Power Options", switch to the tab "Power Schemes."Then click the drop-down list of "System standby".Find it and set the current item "never."After performing this action will be active "Apply" button.
Fix the changes.Click "Apply" in the dialogue "Power Options."
Close the current dialog box and control panel.Click on the OK button the dialog.Select "File" and "Close" in the window menu folder or Explorer.