Preparation drivers touchpad

Install Windows 7 can be almost any modern mobile computer.Before changing the operating system verify the availability of drivers for the touch panel.You can also create a backup of the drivers using the program Driver Pack Solution.Download and install the specified software.This utility is part of the assembly Sam Drivers.

Run DPS and go to "Backup."Create a backup of the touchpad drivers for your laptop.This allows you to simplify the installation of the required files after changing the OS to Windows 7. Be sure to save the resulting backup on the partition where not installed the new OS.

If you do not want to use a third-party program, please visit the manufacturer of your mobile computer.Find the correct model and study the files available for download.Download touchpad driv
ers for your laptop.Be sure to check the version of Windows 7, which is suitable for the selected files.Drivers for x86 versions may not be suitable for 64-bit OS.

Installing Windows 7

Insert the drive that hosts the installation files of Windows 7. This may be a DVD-ROM or USB-drive.Restart the computer and open the menu BIOS.Locate the point at which the displayed data on the boot device.Set the boot priority from the connected drive.If you can not change the priority of entry in the BIOS, skip this step.

In the first window that appears, click "Install".Now, select "Full installation" becauseversion of the operating system upgrade is not appropriate in this case.Examine the current state of the hard drive.Remove the partition that contains the files of the current operating system.If your hard disk is present the area of ​​100 or 300 Mb, and remove it.Create a new partition, select it and click "Next".

Wait for the completion of the first phase of installation of the operating system, Windows 7 and reboot the notebook.Re-open the BIOS menu and set the priority to boot from the hard drive.Note that if you use a shortcut menu to start the program from disk (USB drive), skip this step.Follow the instructions of the installation program running Windows 7.

Installing drivers touchpad

Upon completion of this process, follow the installation of the drivers the touchpad.To do this, run the exe-file created by the program Driver Pack Solution, or unzip the archive, downloaded from the manufacturer of the laptop.