If you want toput one folder to another, the easiest thing to do is drag and drop.Open the file manager of your operating system.On Windows, this "Explorer", which can be run, for example, right-clicking on the "Start" button and selecting from the context menu "Open the conductor."In the window of the application directory tree, navigate to the folder , having moved directory.No matter where it will be displayed "target" folder - it can be in the left frame (in the tree), right (next to be moved), on the desktop or in a
nother window "Explorer."In any case, your actions must be the same: the left mouse button, drag the icon in the folder icon to another.
Dragging operations can be replaced by a bunch of "cut" and "paste" - the result will be exactly the same as in the previous step.In this case, the "Explorer" select moveable folder and press the key combination Ctrl + X. Then go to destination folder and press Ctrl + V - only after this action the file manager will start moving objects.
Sometimes it is necessary to invest folder in the message sent by email.Doing this is the folder should not be better to pack it together with all its contents to the "File" - a file that is in compressed form will contain all the items forwarded catalog.To create an archive folder click the right mouse button and the pop-up context menu, select the line that begins with the words "Add to Archive" and ends with the folder name and extension.Expanding as the format of the file depends on the application used in your computer as a historian.If such an item in the menu will not appear, and then the application is not already installed - choose one of them and install.This can be done through the Internet.Look, for example, the program WinRar, WinZip or 7-zip.