you need
  • - computer;
  • - Administrator rights.
Go to the "Start" menu and find the "Control Panel", located on the right side of the menu.Click on a mouse button to start the window.Go to "System and Security", and then - in the "Support Center".Disable fully support center is not necessary, it is enough to get rid of his annoying alerts.Click on the item "Setting the support center" in the list on the left.
Uncheck all boxes are located on the window.Or leave some on your own.It is necessary to remove all the flags out messages about safety, since the implementation of these tasks copes antivirus.Click
"OK" to save your changes.Go to the item "Change User Account Control Settings" and set the settings to a minimum, if not already done so.Specify the necessary settings "Update" as the work of this utility you will not receive any messages if you have removed the check box.
When installing an effective anti-virus, such as "Kaspersky", Windows Firewall is turned off anti-virus program automatically.Disable the firewall manually from the "Taskbar" if you are using a simple anti-virus programs.However, it should be noted that the real-time center providing information on the PC allows you to protect the machine from some threats on the Internet, the infected files.If this feature is turned off, there must be a license antivirus.
As practice shows, a center providing information on the operating system plays a major role, as it is not a universal remedy against virus threats.If you want your computer to ensure total protection, in addition to anti-virus software install spyware that no units were not able to steal information from your computer.