If you have Windows Vista or Seven, go to "Control Panel."To do this, click the left mouse button (LMB) on the "Start" menu and click on the item "Control Panel".Then click the link "Personalization" and then click "Change desktop icons".Open the window "Desktop Icons" - Find the label "basket" and put a tick in front of it, then commit the changes by clicking "OK".
Another method involves making changes to the system registry.And it would be better if you make it professional, but rather a special utility from Microsoft - it will automatically make the necessary changes to the registry.You can download it on the official website link .
Open download the utility, read the license agreement and place a check mark in the box "I accept."Then click the "Next" button, close the window after the installation.The program prompts you to restart your computer - agree.After rebooting, the Trash icon will appear on the desktop.
If the utility does not suit you, edit the registry themselves using standard Registry Editor.Right-click on the icon "My Computer" and select the "Registry Editor" in the popup menu.It can be done differently - press the key combination Win + R and type in the box that appears, enter regedit, and then click "OK".
you need a registry HideDesctopIcons.And it is in the branch HKEY_CURRENT_USER.Next, look for recording Software - & gt;Microsoft - & gt;Windows - & gt;CurrentVersion - & gt;Explorer - & gt;HideDesktopIcons.Locate the {645FF040-5081-101B-9F08-00AA002F954E}, click on it with RMB.Now select the context menu "Change", enter in the open window set to "0 (zero)" in the box and close it, save your changes by clicking "OK".
Now all you have to close the Registry Editor and restart your computer.After rebooting, the label will be a basket on the desktop.