Tip 1: How to enable visual bookmarks

With the advent of the latest versions of popular Internet browsers, many users feel the ease of use of visual bookmarks.However, not everyone knows how and where to turn.
Visual Bookmarks allow when you start your Internet browser enter the page, which will assemble your favorite pages in the form of pictures, in which you will easily recognize your most visited sites.Visual bookmarks can be a reflection of your favorite sites, and show the history of the pages where you have recently visited - you can customize to your liking.
To enable visual bookmarks in Google Chrome, you'll need in the top right corner of the browser click the wrench menu and select "Options."Now, on the "General", you should activate the two lines "Open the home page" and "New Tab page."To do this, mark them.You can close the dialog box and close the browser.The next time you will see a page visual bookmarks.
If you use any other browser, the sequence of actions will be about the same - the main
principle is clear.However, if you have Internet Explorer, you should start with the other.To activate
page visual bookmarks in Internet Explorer, you will need to download and install a special program.This can be Yandeks.Bara, which can be downloaded at http://bar.yandex.ru/ie/.After installing it, you will see that appears at the top of the panel with additional functions.You need to click on the arrow next to "Yandex" and choosing "Settings", go to the tab "Behavior".Here you need to select "Open Website" in the "When starting Internet Explorer».After selecting the block window.
Now you need to go to the menu section of the browser and select "Tools".In the dropdown menu, go to "Options" and at the very top of the dialog box, click "Empty".Now we can all close and open Internet Explorer the next time, you will see that you have got to include visual bookmarks.

Tip 2: How to enable bookmark

program Microsoft Word on today is the most convenient tool for creating and editing text documents.There are all opportunities to work with the text, it does not offer!Very convenient is the possibility to bookmark any text, which can then help when working with text.But there is one problem when dealing with them.It lies in the fact that if you close the edited document, the next time you open it, and bookmarks can not be displayed.This does not apply in those cases, when you select the text color.If you encounter such a problem, then below you can find advice on how to make the bookmarks visible.
How to enable bookmark
If you need to make visible tabs in Microsoft Office versions earlier than 2007, you must do the following:
Open in Microsoft Word, the document thatyou want to see your bookmarks.Find the top menu "Tools", select it in the command "Settings".You will see a dialog box.In this dialog box, select the tab "View".
Now find the parameter group "Show".Here, check the box next parameter "Bookmarks".Click OK to confirm all the changes, close the dialog box.
After all these manipulations, you'll see everything your bookmarks.Text bookmarks will be issued in square brackets, ie, [like that].
In the event that you need to do this procedure in Microsoft Office 2007, the algorithm of your actions will be somewhat different.This is due to the fact that in the new version of Microsoft Word interface differs from the previous one.So, to make visible tabs in Microsoft Word 2007:
Go to the "Settings Microsoft Word».To do this, click the Microsoft Word to the upper left corner of the screen, the popup menu at the bottom to find the "Options Word» and press.In the window that appears on the left locate the "Advanced" tab.
In the right part of the tab you will see the parameters that can be performed.In these settings, locate the group of the "Show document content".In the "Show Bookmarks" check box.
bookmarks will now appear in the document as text in brackets, as well as in the previous version.
successful you work with your documents and bookmarks!


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