you need
  • - computer
  • - Microsoft Office Excel.
Log in to the program.To do this, open the "Start" menu in the lower left corner of the screen.In the window on the left look for the name of the Microsoft Office Excel 2007.

figure in 2007 - the year in which was released the version installed on your computer.Year can be 2000, 2003, 2007, etc.When you find a program to open it.
If a program is not listed, then in the same menu, the "Start" tab "All Programs."Here you need to find the tab «Microsoft Office», and it already - Microsoft Office Excel 2007.
You will have a sheet composed of cells-cell
s.Each such cell can do different actions, including to set the formula and do calculations.
Sum in Excel is set to lay down the number.For this purpose there are various ways.
Stand on any cell where you want the result was indicated.Put the sign "=".This means that the cell you perform arithmetic and formulas work with.After the "=" write through "+" sign the number that you want to add.At the end, press «Enter».The cursor on the cell falls down or right, and the cell will affect the result of the addition.To see the numbers that you have summarized, return the cursor to the cell.At the top just below the toolbar is a long string, which is written on the left of «fx».It will reflect the numbers that you have laid down.
Now consider the option "AutoSum".Usually it is in the toolbar, and is denoted by the letter «Σ».This option allows you to add up the numbers written in different cells.Cells have to go to each other in a column or row so that they can be isolated rectangle.Record numbers that you need to add up a column in the cells under each other.Then move the cursor to the cell after the column and click the icon «Σ».You will see the shimmering frame.It allocates numbers that need to be folded.The boundaries of this box can be changed.To do this, click on the left mouse button and drag the lower right corner of the frame.When the set limits, press «Enter».Then everything is similar.Only in the formula bar, the formula will be said, applies to Excel to sum the numbers in the area.